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Parmit Chilana

Assistant Professor, Computing Science, Simon Fraser University

Current Graduate Students


Megha Nawhal

Megha Nawhal is a PhD student in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University advised by Prof. Greg Mori and Prof. Parmit Chilana. Megha's research interests include computer vision, machine learning and human-computer interaction. Previously, Megha was working as a Research with Cognitive Industry Solutions team at IBM Research, Bangalore. Earlier, Megha graduated from IIT Kanpur with BTech-MTech (Dual Degree) in Electrical Engineering in 2015 where her Master's specialization in Image Processing. She has also spent time at Sony Corporation, Japan as a student intern in Summer 2013.


Laton Vermette

Laton Vermette is a PhD student studying Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, supervised by Prof. Parmit Chilana. His research aims to simplify the process of finding relevant help resources for feature-rich software, through the design of collaborative, personalized help recommendation systems. He is currently taking part in an internship with Microsoft in Vancouver, investigating how K-12 teachers learn and customize digital classroom tools. Laton completed his MMath in Computer Science with a focus in HCI (with Prof. Chilana) and his BMath in Combinatorics & Optimization, both at the University of Waterloo.


April Wang

April Wang is a second year Masters Student at the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University advised by Prof. Parmit Chilana. Her research interests focus on using HCI techniques to lower the learning barriers for people without professional knowledge in a particular subject. Currently she is working on better understanding and supporting the needs of conversational programmers who seek to develop conversational skills in learning technical concepts and programming. Previously, April received her BSc from Zhejiang University in China with a specialty in Digital Media Technology. She has also worked in Intel (Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd.), Netease Game and Alibaba Corporation as a student intern.


Mahya Sadeghi

Mahya Sadeghi is pursuing her Masters in Computer Science (CS), focusing on Human Computer Interaction and Medical Image Processing. She is advised by Prof. Stella Atkins and Prof. Parmit Chilana, and her interdisciplinary research draws on HCI and Medical Image Processing to evaluate the efficiency of CBIR decision support systems. Before moving to Vancouver, Mahya graduated from KNTU in Mathematics. In her free time, she enjoys painting.


Rimika Chaudhury

Rimika Chaudhury is pursuing her Masters at the School of Computing Science in Simon Fraser University, under the supervision of Prof. Parmit Chilana. Before switching tracks to research, she was at Infosys Limited, India where she was a senior associate at the Global Education Centre. Her role was to enable employees (of Infosys and clients) in various technologies - ranging from administration of application servers to user-interface technologies - through classroom sessions and webinars. She has also authored several e-learning courses for the training programs - which are used for blended learning. She holds a Bachelors in Information Technology from West Bengal University of Technology, India.


Kimia Kiani

Kimia is a Masters Student at the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University advised by Dr. Parmit Chilana. Kimia's research interests are mainly in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design. Prior to coming to SFU, she obtained her B.Sc in Software Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran.



Nathaniel Hudson
(MAsc, Waterloo)


Anson Ho
(MAsc, Waterloo)

Undergraduate Students


Jackie Lang
(BSc, SFU)


Prashant Shashikumar
(BSc, SFU)


Ryan Mitts
(BSc, SFU)


Shruti Dembla
(BEng, Waterloo)


Celena Alcock
(BA, Waterloo)



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Everyday Design Studio

Lyn Bartram

Wolfgang Stuerzlinger